Felicity de Lang

CulturAlchemist & Consultant

0421 215 211
Felicity de Lang

Felicity is a creative thinker. She loves helping organisations get curious about their cultures and uncovering what’s really happening in their teams.

Equipped with practical solutions, clients feel enabled to make the kind of shifts needed to create great places for people to work. Felicity honed her expertise in a diverse range of organisations over the last two decades, creating more conscious and supportive organisations across digital, insurance, government and university sectors. She finds herself most engaged and energised when in front of people, whether it’s one-to-one coaching conversations or facilitating group discussions and workshops.

Her recent study in anthropology has expanded her thinking and analysis, providing her with more tools to better understand and respond to the diversity of people’s experiences and perspectives. When not thinking about culture, Felicity is happily adventuring, locally or further afield, hiking or spending time with her favourite people.