Culture Consulting is a full-service experience that can scale up or down in complexity and size to meet your exact need. Your context shapes your culture, therefore we frontend this service with discovery and dialogue.

Our Culture Change Programs use a scaled down version of our GOLD methodology and are carefully designed to build your culture leadership capabilities while shifting your organisational culture at the same time.

The programs are perfect if you:

  • are attempting culture change for the first time,
  • want to focus on a smaller culture change initiative in your organisation,
  • are seeking the support of an experienced culture guide, or
  • want to explore some innovative approaches to culture change, such as story circles.

From our experience as both clients and consultants, the big question when choosing a consulting partner is not so much “do they have the capability?“, as “how do they operate and what are they like to work with?”

Our focus is on working with you all the way and leaving you with the capabilities and confidence to sustain and grow the cultural change.

We will co-create the conditions and confidence required for success by:

  • Working and walking with the Board, Executive Team, People & Culture team and change leaders, to agree on the cultural elements which align to your strategy.
  • Discovering the aspects of culture change that give you ‘biggest bang for buck’ and developing a bespoke ‘culture flight plan’ to focus change efforts that stick.
  • Systematically building culture change capabilities across your organisation that result in a series of small cultural nudges that slowly converge into larger ripples, from the top down and the bottom up.
  • Utilising agile and timely approaches to measurement which not only provides much needed evidence to ensure you are tracking in the right direction, but also giving you the insight needed to iterate and correct your course when required.

Our consulting model is held together by our GOLD® methodology. A non-linear and dynamic framework that promotes building culture change capabilities in your people.

The Crucible Three Interconnected Circles GOLD