At the centre of CulturAlchemy GOLD® you will find a crucible: our metaphor and model for the heat needed to produce sustainable culture change. While this work is difficult, the rewards are immense and we will be with you every step of the way.

You will find three interconnected circles wrapped around the crucible. These circles form the foundation of the work we’ll do with you as you unlock the potential of your people and purpose through culture.

  • Knowing why you exist and what you promise to deliver – this is captured through your purpose and strategic direction
  • The conditions that shape your direction – gaining clarity about your internal and external context
  • Your cultural patterns – the behaviours and often invisible forces that enable or constrain your organisation’s potential.

Our Culture Alchemists know what it takes to achieve culture change and this insight is GOLD. Our team have a honed radar around each of our GOLD elements, knowing where the danger zones are, where the real gold is and knowing just the right degree of heat needed to bring it all together. You’ll experience us helping you surface the much needed conversations that generate real shift.

  • Getting Alignment
    There is no getting around it, culture change is hard work, but the benefits are significant. The process starts with understanding why rebooting the culture is important and then working with you to create a state of alignment around the culture change you need. Our approach focuses on sustained alignment at individual, team and system levels, helping illuminate blind spots and using data and insight to create a customised culture change flight plan.
  • Optimising Opportunities
    We regularly witness the untapped talent of amazing people. Organisations are full of natural change leaders who are already positively shaping culture. How can you tap into this existing talent while still getting the day job done? We regularly run Culture Labs as incubators to build culture leadership capability, while generating cultural nudges from the bottom up. As momentum builds, the cultural nudges create ripples of culture change across the organisation - it's an exciting tipping point that is worth celebrating.
  • Leveraging Momentum
    We know that adding a culture change strategy on top of heavy workloads can often be a stretch too far and that's why we use existing initiatives to focus on a few cultural nudges that will generate the biggest impact. By dealing with hidden constraints and leveraging existing cultural strengths, it won't be long before positive stories and renewed energy reveal how culture is changing for the better.
  • Delivering Results
    While we know that delivering results is more than measurement, we recognise the significance of culture as the invisible line on your balance sheet and therefore important for any board and executive team. As we commence our work together, we'll clarify your expectations and agree on your evaluation and reporting requirements. By tapping into our toolkit and yours, we'll support you to get the most out of systems and processes that become part of your cultural DNA and then its a matter of implement, evaluate, iterate, repeat!


We have never had a “one size fits all” approach to such an imprecise journey as culture change – every organisation is different. What we do have is a modularised approach in the outside circle that we customise to each situation. So whether that is executive interviews and playback process that create real breakthroughs or Culture Labs that build culture leadership capabilities and culture shifts, clients can be confident that they have an enterprise solution that reflects their changing context and needs.

Interviews and playbacks

Using carefully framed questions, we interview key leaders, theme the data and play the results back to the leadership team. Again and again, we find this to be one of the best ways to surface the undiscussables, build a shared momentum and collectively align your purpose as an anchor …. in our view, this is the quickest way to break through what’s been holding your back.

System diagnostics

Although we choose to be tool agnostic, we do have a couple favourites.

The Barrett Culture Assessment enables your leaders to become deeply aware of your organisation’s motivations and behaviours and the impact this is having on how you achieve your purpose. Imagine knowing how to fully leverage you cultural strengths, where to focus your culture change efforts for maximum impact and where you’re losing energy because people aren’t happy. That’s gold!

Our other ‘go to’ executive leadership tool is the Leadership Circle™ This 360 feedback tool provides sophisticated insight for executives and senior leaders revealing your unique internal belief system, how this is influencing your ability to achieve results and revealing self limiting styles that might be holding you back. We have seen the impact of this tool many times, and had the privilege of partnering with leaders to amplify the impact of their leadership.

Diagnostic tools we use regularly include RAW Toolkit | Resilience.TV, Clarity4D | Home, Life Styles Inventory – Personal development assessment (, Team Management Systems

Culture Walk Simulator

An experiential and constantly evolving simulation of a typical organisation in untypical times. Participants experience the privilege of walking in the shoes of board members, executives, staff and customers and are exposed to culture-shifting scenarios. Through their own reactions to the simulation, participants and the player group get to “see” the shifts and garner insights about what might be playing out in their own organisations. This process leads to new insights by uncovering the real stories that shape culture.

Flight Plan

Given culture change takes time, we know through first-hand experience how easy it can be to lose focus and momentum. We’ll work with you to co-design your personalised flight plan from our Culture Alchemy ‘toolkit’, seamlessly integrating your existing initiatives as needed. Your flight plan will have departure and destination points, a suggested flight path and room for course corrections as your context changes.

Building Capabilities

If organisations are going to change their culture they need absolute shared clarity at the executive level around why change is needed and how culture change will add value to their strategic goals. In our work with clients, we always advise that without that alignment any culture change initiative is fraught with slow progress and costly delays. Given cultural transformation begins with personal transformation, our Executive Team Alignment work focuses on helping individual executives and senior leaders understand what their sustained work on culture will require of them as leaders and then facilitating that personal development. Of course, culture change doesn’t just rest with executive and senior leaders given the behaviours of everyone in your organisation contributes to culture. We regularly run Culture Labs to build the needed culture leadership capabilities deep into your organisation, with the bonus of changing your culture at the same time!

Executive coaching

Due to the personal nature of how we process change, coaching has become a vital part of the organisational change mix. At CulturAlchemy we have a diverse group of experienced and accredited coaches, all of whom are experienced in leading culture change and building coaching cultures within organisations. We work with you to strengthen leadership capability, resulting in resilient and thinking leaders who lean into the demands of culture change, one conversation at a time. You’ll find that coaching capability keeps giving, way beyond the life of the program.

Culture Guide Service

Scheduled ‘balcony’ sessions where our team guides, assists, resources, supports, and challenges yours. The work of culture change often gets bogged down in the mire of busyness, competing priorities, it’s “too-hard” thinking, invisible roadblocks and, well, the prevailing culture! We co-adventure with you, while you hold the reigns. The value derived from these monthly sessions comes in the form of highlighting blind spots, navigating the complexity, avoiding the pitfalls, optimising existing programs of work and creating the safe space for you and your key team to download, debrief and realign.

Story Work

Stories are at the core culture. For thousands of years, we have shared stories to create connections, build group identity and create visions of the future that inspire the tribe to bold adventure. Cutting-edge neuroscience has revealed that stories are, in fact, a fundamental structure of cognition. They are how we shape memory, behaviour and culture. Imagine being able to harness the stories flowing through your organisation to create ongoing dialogue around the values and behaviours propelling your teams. We can show you how to harness and generate stories to create shifts in culture that become part of your DNA.

Culture Lab

Culture change doesn’t happen in isolation. There are countless examples of initiatives that don’t get off the ground because of the way they are implemented. This is where we blend top down and bottom up approaches to culture change together. Our Culture Labs harness the untapped potential of your formal and informal leaders, generating culture shift through existing initiatives. We use a blend of workshops, group coaching methodologies, experimental project work and online resources to equip leaders with the skillset, toolset and mindset needed to create experiments that ‘nudge’ culture deep within your organisation. These nudges become ripples, the ripples collide with executive led approaches and before you know it … culture is changing!

Real Time Data

You’ll need regular feedback to track what’s happening and adjust your course little and often to keep on track. Pulse tools are a wonderful means of tracking micro-shifts in culture.

By asking the specifically curated questions in a way that is easy to respond to, leaders gain real-time feedback on how effective any initiative is and how to adjust it for greater effect. Teamgage is fully customisable, results in real time reports, and the feedback process takes just 20 seconds. We love it so much we regularly use it at CulturAlchemy to shape our culture!