Imagine knowing…

  • how your culture was working for you… and against you
  • where you were losing energy and momentum… from conflict, friction and frustration. What difference would it make if you could convert just 10% of that into productive energy?
  • what brings your employees
    to work each day. Think about how this insight could sharpen how you attract and retain staff and manage resistance to change
  • what inspires people and what generates further cynicism and resistance.

What would that be worth?

Want to know more?

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Culture work can feel like you are taking a leap of faith without any evidence to inform your approach. Catalyst uses a data driven approach to align your culture with the delivery of your strategy.

We use the Barrett Culture Assessment® based on 3 simple questions. It takes just 15 minutes to complete and provides you with powerful insights into what people value, the way people behave based upon their values, and the collective patterns of those behaviours which is your culture now and in the future.

Once you know the desired culture you need, all it takes is an open mind and the courage to unleash the potential of your people and strategy through culture.

The Challenge

Most culture surveys are highly complicated, clunky to administer, incredibly expensive and take months to debrief. Your leaders and people get frustrated in the time it takes to learn the framework you’ve chosen, then debrief the data and finally try to turn it into actionable steps. Quite often the data is outdated, which leads to questioning its validity.

We believe in surveying and reporting on your culture. We believe the focus should be on changing mindsets and collective behaviour. But, how?

You start by understanding the values of your people and how they align to your organisation, or not!

Culture is…

The collective patterns created by people: the behaviours and often invisible forces that enables and constrains the potential of your organisation.

Your organisation has a culture today, and it is a powerful force. So, think of your organisational culture as both accelerator and handbrake to achieving your strategic goals. Our work is helping you increase acceleration and simultaneously decrease resistance. We call this Catalyst.

The Solution

The process starts with the Executive Team who will be the sponsors of your culture work. We kick-off the project by conducting carefully tailored 1:1 interviews with each member of the executive team.

After the interviews, the data undergoes a thematic analysis and this is played back to the executive team in the first 2 hour workshop. It concludes with a discussion about the way cultural patterns may be accelerating your progress and holding you back.

This set up prepares you for the launch of you culture survey. Your people will be asked 3 questions, taking just 15 minutes to complete. Easy!

Next up, the executive team will dive into the first culture debrief workshop. This workshop will focus on exploring your executive team’s and organisation’s culture, forming a hypothesis about what’s really going on.

We’ll then work with you to debrief the rest of the organisation and form a flight plan which lays out clear steps

  • Working with the executive team to design an enterprise approach to culture aligned to strategy
  • Synthesising 1–2 goals from each business unit and then building momentum.
  • Tapping into your natural change leaders to build capability that creates ‘bottom up’ successes which you can share
  • Tracking progress and having regular conversations about one thing you can do to create the biggest impact

Before you know it you’ll see the culture nudges and ripples generating stronger alignment to what’s important to your organisation and it’s success.











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