The Executive Reboot is tailored to the needs of your executive team, starting as a discussion with the CEO and the People and Culture Lead to agree on the outcomes you are looking for.

The pre-requisites are executive teams who are prepared to commit to a 45minute interview, active participation in a full day workshop and an open mind and the courage to do what’s needed to unleash the collective talent of their executive team.

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The Challenge

Over the past three years at CulturAlchemy, we’ve been propelled by our promise to discover the potential of people and purpose through culture. We’ve co- adventured with inspirational executive teams and learnt a lot about what makes them work…and what doesn’t!

After repeatedly experiencing the impacts of viscous cycles of miscommunication, low trust, continuous rework and debilitating frustration, we’ve designed a process for executive teams to unlock their potential and reboot their team culture.

So, strap in… like all growth journeys it will take courage and moments of discomfort. The pay off will be worth it and the results will emerge quickly.

The Solution

The process begins with a carefully designed 1:1 interviews with each member of the executive team.

Our highly skilled executive coaches facilitate these interviews to not only gather data, but to assist each executive to explore their insights and assumptions about what’s working, what’s not and why. For many it is the first time they have expressed their thoughts, knowing they are in a confidential space.

After the interviews, the data undergoes a thematic analysis in preparation for playback in a full day executive team workshop. Careful attention is paid to anonymizing the data in preparation for impactful discussions.

The workshop then brings the team together in a way that build’s trust and psychological safety, the precursors to your executive team reboot.

Then it’s time to jump in and make sense of the data through a delicate balance of action and reflection. The merges into co-designing you personalized flight plan, completing the first phase of you reboot!

The 5 Step Approach

  • Setup and next steps meetings to set your Executive Reboot up for success
  • 1:1 x 45 minute interviews so each executive has guided support to reflect
  • A thematic review of interview data for rich insight into your team culture
  • Bold and artful full day workshop facilitation with highly skilled facilitators
  • Your documented flight plan outlining the steps to unleashing the full potential of your executive team

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