These programs will include:

The Culture Story Circle

Stories are at the core of human culture. For thousands of years, we have shared stories to create connections, build group identity and create visions of the future that inspire the tribe to bold adventure.  Cutting edge neuroscience and psychology have revealed that what we call “story” is in fact a fundamental cognitive structure that governs perception, behaviour and memory.

The stories that we tell ourselves and each other form the deep structure of the collective beliefs and behaviours that we call culture.

Culture Story Circle utilises the power of storytelling to forge deep connections between participants, to draw out deep insights about cultural dynamics and the beliefs and assumptions driving these.

  • Surfaces the deep patterns of perception and behaviour that are playing out in your organisation or system
  • Connects individuals and teams around common values, problems and passions
  • Sparks rich collaborative conversations about the stuff that really matters
  • Shifts the way people see the operational landscape and what’s possible within and beyond it
  • Inspires your people to get moving with culture shift
  • Captures your changing culture one story at a time

If you would like more information about these programs, please contact Jayne Dunn at CulturAlchemy.

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