Case Study




Working closely with the Senior Leaders and having acknowledged the enabling role culture plays throughout their national organisation, the group chose to leverage a core business transformation program as catalyst to build culture change capabilities.

Having experienced a change effort that had stalled, the Senior Leaders strategically chose to focus on building new change capabilities within their system.

Together we:

  • Engaged senior leaders in 1:1 interviews for cultural insight, impacts and inertia
  • Engaged 120 key leaders using a powerful values survey to ascertain motivators behind behaviour both today and into the future
  • Iteratively played-back thematic data sets to specific groups to target changes and mobilise culture shift, and
  • Co-designed a roadmap to build new culture change capabilities within leaders from the top down and bottom up
  • Commenced a bespoke capability development program focused on enabling leaders to change culture in the work of BAU and transformation