Amanda O’Brien

General Manager Operations

+61 434 831 426
Amanda O’Brien

As the General Manager of Operations at CulturAlchemy, Amanda blends her professionalism and human touch to bedding down operational and strategic business components. Enjoyment comes from creating helpful and streamlined flow of the day to day running for the CulturAlchemy tribe to ensure the best customer experience possible. Amanda manages all things finance, systems management, scheduling, reporting and project management working with our team and fantastic clients. Amanda is often described as the CulturAlchemy glue!

Amanda prides herself on her intuition, authenticity and love for making things work. With a leadership background in real estate and health sectors; her career continues to highlight her focus of helping people and contributing to making organisations thrive.

Always striving to advocate for people and seeing people at their best Amanda uses a deliberately developed understanding of self, mixed with humour and authenticity to surround herself with good people and at CulturAlchemy she is right where she needs to be!

Amanda is intrigued by culture change and what “makes people tick”, she never stops learning and understanding how CulturAlchemy can positively impact individuals and teams.

When not focused on work Amanda’s world is filled with 2 small children, a very patient and supportive husband, 2 cheeky dogs and a brood of chooks.

You can often find them all at their beach house on the Limestone Coast making memories and enjoying downtime.